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The course of a mental illness may be accompanied by the following symptoms.

Sluggish state (slowness in performing tasks). Rapid fatigue (the appearance of a feeling of paxil pills, a decrease in energy potential and performance). Pessimistic attitude (criticality to own failures, lack of enterprise, negative expectations). Decreased self-esteem (doubt in yourself and your abilities, distrust of yourself). Feeling of hopelessness (constant stay in sadness, lack of faith in the best). Sleep problems (drowsiness or insomnia, disturbing dreams). Severe indecision (problems with choice, increased caution, scrupulousness). Poor concentration (problems with perception and memory, inattention). Loss of appetite (starvation or overeating). Decrease in efficiency (choosing a difficult path and making it more difficult to solve the tasks). Somatic pathologies (violation of the work of internal organs and systems).

The disease can manifest itself in different ways. Therefore, there are 2 types of dysthymia.

Characterological dysthymia is due to buy paxil online. For effective treatment of dysthymia, correct and timely diagnosis is necessary. For a diagnosis to be made, the following conditions must be met. Use of a special set of questions to identify mental illness. Identification of several symptoms at once. The presence of a persistent decrease in mood for at least 2 years. The presence of symptoms for two consecutive months or more. Differentiation from major depression and mixed states, episodes of mania (hypomania). No association with delusional disorders and schizophrenia. Exclusion of the diagnosis of cyclothymia. Exclusion of the influence of alcohol, drugs and medications.

Somatized dysthymia is characterized by the following symptoms.

Therapeutic measures aimed at eliminating dysthymia imply an integrated approach that is considered more effective. It includes medication and psychotherapy. With somatized dysthymia, such drugs are effective.

Treatment, antidepressants for dysthymia.

The video tells about chronic depression and methods of dealing with it. Causes and symptoms of mental illness. Refusal to self-medicate. Mandatory trip to a psychotherapist. Prognosis and possible complications.

The duration of the disease can be several years.m. Therapy does not guarantee complete healing. Dysthymia is easier to bear than its clinical form, but it causes a lot of problems in the performance of household and work duties. At the same time, the risk of suicide increases.

In case of failure to buy paroxetine online proper treatment (or lack thereof), the prognosis for patients with dysthymia is disappointing. To reduce the risk of developing dysthymia or preventing an existing disease, simple rules should be followed. Dysthymia. What is it, symptoms and treatments.

Dysthymia is a range of conditions that used to be classified as neurotic or personality disorders. Now it belongs to the group of paroxetine (emotional, mood) disorders. Dysthymia is a type of depression. But it has characteristic features and symptoms. Dysthymia was first described in 1921 by E.

Kraepelin (a German psychiatrist), he characterized it as the main affective temperament, and not as a mental disorder, this condition, in his opinion, predisposed to the development of melancholia.

Dysthymia is characterized by depressed mood. Children may show excessive irritability. This state of depression or irritability in dysthymia lasts an average of at least two years. It usually occurs in adulthood, between the ages of 18 and 45, although it is not uncommon in adolescence. Moreover, women are diagnosed with it more often than men.

The state of dysthymia is not a psychogenic disease, it is milder, less persistent, in terms of symptom severity and clinical characteristics, but at the same time it is a chronic condition. In terms of qualitative characteristics, it is similar to recurrent depressive disorder; some sources indicate its similarity to unipolar depression.